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Japan Capex Still Sluggish Mof Survey Shows - Nasdaq.com

The results reinforce the view that while Japanese companies are seeing increases in profits, they remain reluctant to commit to major spending while the longer great site term economic trend remains unclear. The data showed that the ratio of firms" net worth to total assets stood at 39.7%, near a record high of 40.2% in April-June, indicating that Japanese companies are still busy repaying debt rather than expanding their operations. Reversing the declining trend in business investment is a key goal of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic program, known as Abenomics. To accomplish the goal, Mr. Abe has enacted corporate tax cuts, and various tax breaks for business investment, hoping these measures would spur investment, especially by big exporters, many of which have moved production operations outside Japan in recent years. While there are some instances of other companies bringing production back to Japan, overall, the trend remains unchanged of businesses preferring producing near targeted markets than exporting from Japan.
Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/japan-capex-still-sluggish-mof-survey-shows-20150301-00081

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